Independent Theater

Independent Theater

Independent Theater

The performances, artistic actions, workshops and trainings of our theater serve the purpose of finding answers to the social questions and problematic life situations that affect us all by understanding and cooperating with our peers. Our gypsy and non-gypsy artists are disadvantaged young people, who, thanks to our complex training as a professional artist and facilitator, can present life situations to any target group, which with the active participation of the recipients becomes an unforgettable experience, a positive encounter.

In the Independent Theater, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, but it does matter what you think about the world and what you do for it. With us, gypsy and non-gypsy young people study, work together and become successful artists and trainers. We are not afraid to show what social challenges surround us all. At the same time, we don’t forget about humor, without which it’s not worth living. For us, people-centered education, professional art, criticism and play are all important. 

Their aims: 

• Complex development and dissemination of non-formal art education and human-centered art 

• Development of a social enterprise, independent from the state, and dissemination of its methodology

• Education of disadvantaged young people; supporting them in the process of becoming professionals

• Advancing the cultural, social and economical integration.